Let's Put the Community Back into Palomar Community College!

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Recent News and Developments


All three candidates have been officially endorsed by

    • The Faculty Coalition for Public Higher Education (FCPHE)
    • Palomar Faculty Federation
    • Citizens for Quality Education
    • San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council
    • Poway Teachers Association
    • American Federation of Teachers
    • Vista Teachers Association
    • Council of Classified Employees, Palomar College

October Governing Board Meeting

Faculty rebukes Palomar administration, board. Read the North County Times coverage of the October Governing Board meeting.

Related news items: Read Dave Forsyth's financial report, Jack Quintero's and Mary Millet's remarks, on the Faculty Senate's resolution.

Candidates support Poway Campus for Palomar College. Read the press release.


Palomar's science professors claim lab changes are harmful to students. Read the full story in the North County Times.

Palomar board president's professional record clouded. Read full story in North County Times.

Spaghetti dinner fundraiser for CQE candidates is a huge success. View the photos here!

PCC Governing Board incumbent Nelson will stop using publicly funded e-mail services. Read full story in North County Times.


The Mission of CQE

The purpose of our group, Citizens for Quality Education (CQE), is to help effect a change in the leadership of Palomar College; specifically, we are actively supporting and campaigning for three "new voices" to fill the three seats on the Palomar Community College District Board of Trustees that will be on the ballot this November 5, 2002. These candidates are Nancy Chadwick, Mark Evilsizer, and Rebecca Faubus—three independent, knowledgeable, and articulate community members who are deeply concerned about the dangerous direction in which Palomar is now heading.

Some Background

Over the years Palomar College has been rightly recognized as an outstanding community college. Such success is due in large part to the strong commitment of our community and the college staff to providing the strongest educational programs and to upholding the highest academic standards. Palomar, however, is at a critical stage in its life. It has a new president and an extant Board of Trustees whose agenda is to move the college toward the "business model" of operation, a model which evaluates the success of our students in ways that make education simply a numbers game, not a process of struggle, discovery, and growth. In short, this district is moving toward increasing class sizes, gutting less lucrative but essential and worthwhile academic programs, and diminishing faculty's role and authority in curriculum and student contact. We do not believe that those being served by Palomar College would knowingly support such policies.

The intrinsic bond between the community and the Palomar College faculty has always been solid, yet this current Board and the new president it hired have deliberately established an adversarial role with the faculty and, by extension, with the community they serve. Rather than engage in dialogue with the faculty, students, and local citizens who often speak at Board meetings and then deal honestly and forthrightly with the issues they raise before them, the Board members sit stone-faced and distant and vote on cue as a bloc, with no discussion at all, evidencing a complete lack of individual thought and action. The Board's failure to address input from these important voices does not serve our students. Palomar College must continue to be an institution whose guiding mandate is to provide the finest possible education to more than thirty thousand students, to uphold the curriculum and academic standards that make our students excellent candidates to employers and universities alike, and to be accountable to the community.

Who We Are

CQE is a coalition of community members, full- and part-time faculty, classified staff, and students who have united for the common cause of making sure that Palomar College remains an educational beacon in our community.

Our group's officers are Chairperson: Lawson Chadwick; Secretary: Susan Snow; Treasurer: Ernie Carson

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